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2008 League Constitution
6/13/2008 - 2008 UCWIL Constitution

5/22/2008 - 2008 UCWIL Constitution

Union County Women’s Independent League (UCWIL)


SECT. 1. This league shall be known as the Union County Women’s Independent League (UCWIL)


SECT. 1. The objective of this league is to promote the interest of women’s slo-pitch softball with the purpose of making it the highest degree of sportsmanship and competition above all other interest.


SECT. 1. Membership is open to any female of 18 years of age and older. If a member on a roster is found to be less than 18 years of age and is playing in the league, her team will be forced to forfeit all games played in which she participated.

SECT. 3. A membership fee of $250.00 will be issued this year to each team. The league is picking up the remainder ($200.00) for a total of $450.00. Butch Kowals and Waiting Room should submit $110.00, Linda’s Driftwood and Nancy’s Towne House should submit $75.00. The remainder of the $250.00 is to be used to pay the umpire for all games where your team as listed as the HOME team. The fee is to be deposited into the league treasury prior to June 4th. The league fees shall be used for operational expenses.

SECT. 4. The league shall consist of those teams approved by a ¾ vote of the Executive Committee. It shall comprise of no less than four teams and not more than eight teams.

SECT. 5. Teams whose fees are not received on or before June 4th will be charged and additional fee of fifty dollars and forfeit their first game. They will forfeit any subsequent games until which time their fees are received. NO EXCEPTIONS!

SECT. 6. This league carries no accident/liability insurance. It is up to each individual team or player to provide their own insurance coverage.


SECT. 1. The officers of the league shall consist of:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Treasurer

SECT. 2. The term of the office shall be one (1) year.

SECT. 3. The Officer’s Committee shall be elected at the first league meeting.

SECT. 4. Each team will be represented by NOT more than two members at each meeting and shall be known as the Executive Committee.

SECT. 5. Each team shall have one vote on any issue brought forth by the Executive Committee. All votes shall be by official ballot and tallied by the Vice President.


SECT. 1. PRESIDENT is hereby vested by this league with full authority to carry out the duties herein delegated to her in all matters pertaining to the operation of the league:
• Preside over all meetings
• Fill, by appointment, any vacancies that occur
• Appoint such committees that may be necessary
• Perform any other duties, not consistent with this constitution and by-laws, which she deems essential to the welfare and best interest of the league.
The President is paid $50.00 for the season.

SECT. 2. VICE PRESIDENT shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President. She shall also perform any such duties, not consistent with the constitution and by-laws, which she deems essential to the welfare and best interests of the league.
The Vice President is paid $50.00 for the season.

SECT. 3. TREASURER shall handle all funds pertaining to the league. She shall make an annual report at each annual meeting. She shall submit reports showing all receipt disbursements at each meeting of the Board and distribute a copy of the statements to the members. Upon retiring from office, all records shall be turned over to the newly appointed Treasurer.
The Treasurer is paid $50.00 for the season.


SECT. 1. Any officer or team wishing to withdraw from the league may do so by giving notice to the Vice President.


SECT. 1. All meetings will be scheduled as deemed necessary by the Officer’s Committee.

SECT. 2. No less than ¾ members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

SECT. 3. This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

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