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2008 Bylaws
5/22/2008 - 2008 UCWIL Bylaws

Union County Women’s Independent League (UCWIL)
2008 BY-LAWS


SECT. 1. Any notice of a meeting shall be deemed to be sufficient if not by phone call then in writing assessed to the last address of each of the Executive Committee.

SECT. 2. The order of business of all meetings shall be as follows:
Call to order
Roll call
Minutes of the previous meeting
Treasurer’s report
Unfinished business
New business

SECT. 3. All parliamentary business not covered by these by-laws shall be governed by the International Joint Rules.

SECT. 4. These by-laws may be amended by a ¾ vote of the members present at any meeting of the league, provided at least two weeks notice of such amendment shall be given to the members entitled to vote.


SECT. 1. The schedule will be drawn up by the Executive Committee at the first meeting of the calendar year of the new season.

SECT. 2. The schedule shall be constructed so that each team will play each other three times.

SECT. 3. The President/Vice President will reschedule all rainout games.

SECT. 4. The HOME team and AWAY team captains shall determine rainouts jointly no later than 5:30pm of the game day. This is determined by first by calling the County/Township field advisory lines and then, if necessary, by the HOME team physically visiting the field. The HOME team must make immediate notification to the umpire scheduled for the game as well as the Rainout Committee.

SECT. 5. After 5:30pm of the game day, the game will be determined by the umpire’s discretion.
If a game is called for a rainout by the HOME team and the umpire is not notified, that HOME team will be responsible for paying the umpire (umpire fees are $35.00 per game).


SECT. 1. All games shall commence at 6:30pm sharp. Players are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to starting time.

SECT. 2. A team failing to show for a game will receive a warning the first time and will be responsible for paying the umpire for his/her time. The home team will make the payment to the umpire each game. The second time this happens, the team may be asked to withdraw from the league, FORFEITING ALL LEAGUE FEES PAID FOR THE SEASON.

SECT. 3. The official slo-pitch rules, as sanctioned y the International Joint Rules Committee and the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), shall be the rules with the following exceptions:

• Pitching distance shall be 50 feet
• Games must start with seven players. During the course of a game a player can be added to a total of eleven, but they must be added to the end of the batting line in the order in which they were added to the game
• Only sneakers or rubber cleats may be worn
• Base distance shall be 65 feet
• Dudley Red Colored Lace, Marking and Stamp


SECT. 1. Final rosters must be input into the League website by the last game of the first round. All players on the team roster must have a complete first and last name entered. Failure to submit roster by this date will result in a game forfeiture until the roster is received. NO EXCEPTIONS.


SECT. 1. An impartial board of arbitration set up by an ASA representative will handle all protests. The board’s decision is final.

SECT. 2. The protesting team shall render a fee of $20.00 to the Treasurer of the league, prior to the protest being arbitrated. If the protest is allowed, the fee will be refunded. If the protest is not allowed, the money will be kept in the league treasury.

SECT. 3. Protests on decisions of the umpire will be allowed only on the rule interpretation of the slo-pitch official rules. All protests must be initiated prior to the next pitch.


SECT. 1. If a team member or coach indulges in conduct detrimental to the league or the acts are unbecoming to sports personnel, the league shall take action, as it deems necessary in the best interest of the league and softball.


SECT. 1. The HOME team will be responsible for recording the final scores of the game on the Sportability website within 24 hours of the time in which the game was played.

SECT. 2. Each umpire is responsible for signing the HOME team’s score sheet to confirm game scores and verify the home team’s book agrees with what the umpire reports to the President.

SECT. 3. The HOME team will pay all umpires ($35.00) the night of the game. Exceptions to this rule are playoff games. The treasurer will pay these fees.


SECT. 1. Suitable awards shall be given to the first place team in the league. In the event that playoffs occur, all teams will be in the playoffs and an award will be provided to the first and second place team.

SECT. 2. Any expense incurred in the playoff games shall be taken from the league treasury.

SECT 3. Cash awards of any form are strictly prohibited.


SECT. 1. In the event a scheduled field is no longer playable, the scheduled game will be postponed and played at a later date.

SECT 2. In the third round of play the home team will be determined by a coin toss. Winner of the toss gets to choose.

SECT. 3. In the event of a tie upon completion of the regularly scheduled games there will be a 1 game playoff to determine the seed. Season playoffs will begin thereafter.

SECT. 4. In the event of a three-way tie, seeds are determined by the least amount of runs allowed between each affected team.

SECT. 5. During the playoffs, the higher seed team is the home team

SECT. 6. One courtesy runner will be allowed per team, per game. That runner is to be for the same batter for the entire game. The pinch runner will ALWAYS be the last batter out.

SECT. 7. There will be no base stealing allowed

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