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Mercer Island (16-0-0)
Mercer Island Roster
# Player School Year Notes
39 Ken Ankrom Jr. 
4 Hank Bennett Sr. 
40 Adam Brazg Jr. 
48 Jeff Christenson Jr. 
74 A.J. Ellis  
8 Steven Frankel So. 
18 Chris Henderson Jr. 
20 Brant Howell Jr. 
37 Ian Kaminski Jr. 
16 Nick Losh Jr. 
29 Greg Mahony So. 
54 Kevin Mahony Jr.  (c)
5 Ryan Malone Jr. 
28 J.T. Neely Jr. 
25 David Sandman Sr.  (c)
15 Jacob Sonkin Sr. 
12 David Stein Jr. 
3 Noah Symington Sr. 
17 Chris Taylor Sr.  (c)
21 Ben Wickizer Sr. 
23 Matthew Wright  
33 Ben York Sr.  (c)

Team Contact Information
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Last Game
Playoff Win (8 - 7) vs Issaquah View
Date: 5/28/2005 4:00p
Location: Qwest Field at Seahawk Stadium
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Home Notes:
Mercer Island 5-0-2-1- 8
Issaquah 1-3-1-2- 7

After the longest season in Mercer Island lacrosse history (27 games), traveling back East to play 5 top ranked New York teams and defeating two of Oregon's premier programs (including defending state champs Oregon Episcopal School), the Islanders completed another perfect in-state record finishing with their 3rd Division-1 state championship. This was the 5th consecutive state championship appearance for Mercer Island, and their 2nd consecutive state championship win.

Mercer Island came out strong in the first quarter, playing to the top form that they had achieved many times through out the season, taking a 5-1 lead at the end of the period. Coming into the 2nd quarter slightly over-confident, the Islanders hit the brakes offensively, allowing a very disciplined and determined Issaquah team back into the game. The Eagles capitalized on some nicely placed outside shots and a key man-up opportunity to bring the game within 1 going into halftime.

After regrouping at the half, Mercer was determined to not allow the championship, that they had worked so hard for all year long, slip away. Although the mental and physical fatigue of three hard months of conditioning, practicing, traveling and playing were starting to show, the Islanders were able to lock down on defense, and hold Issaquah to only 3 goals in the 2nd half.

Both teams should be commended for the amazing test of endurance they faced playing under the sun in the 85 degree heat. It was a hard fought game for both teams, and they gave out everything they had left to give.
Away Notes:
Issaquah 1-3-1-2- 7
Mercer Island 5-0-2-1- 8

An incredible season came to a close and unfortunately for Issaquah, it ended a goal short.

Mercer came out focused and Issaquah seemed to come out tentative. The Islanders fired away and Issaquah had trouble adjusting to a zone defense. The result- a five spot for Mercer and a 4 goal lead.

Issaquah began finding holes in the zone, the defense found its timing on slides and the 2nd quarter was a complete turnaround. After Nick Tierney ripped a sidearm laser past Noah Syminton at the 6:25 mark, Issaquah was back to within a goal.

Early in the 3rd quarter, Tierney stripped Adam Brazg, collected the loose ball and dumped it neatly over Symington just before getting pushed and plowing over top of the Islander netminder...tie ball game! But the Islanders responded just over a minute later to regain the lead. Then Kevin Mahony swam through two defenders and finished a great individual effort to put Mercer back up two. Issaquah had some great looks the last half of the 3rd, but couldn't find the net.

Three minutes into the 4th, David Campi snuck one in to cut it back to one. After a timeout at the 6 minute mark, Mercer capitalized on a bit of trickery. Chris Taylor appeared to flip the ball to Mahony up top. Taylor instead caught his own flip, drove the right alley and found Jacob Sonkin. Sonkin ripped it off the left pipe and in to push it back to a two goal lead.

Issaquah wasn't dead. Craigh Cornelius found a cutting Jon Matusiefsky to bring it back to one. Then Issaquah took back to back penalties. Down two men, Issaquah seemed doomed. Garrett Johnson came up with a couple huge saves and with just under a minute left Issaquah won a possession.

Matusiefsky appeared to have room to sneak from behind, but instead he pushed a pass to the crease. The ball was knocked down and rolled to midfield. Cornelius tracked it down and after a couple quick passes had it back. He fired an outside shot with 10 seconds on the clock, but Symington made the save. He cleared the ball and the Islanders had captured the crown.

A remarkable run for a great group of seniors...having started the program only 4 years ago...Matusiefsky, Hutchinson, Robson, Tierney, Cramer, Gunderson, Phillips, will be missed!

Issaquah record: 14-2-0
Mercer Island record against Issaquah: 2-0-0

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