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DBacks (7-2-1)
DBacks Roster
# Player Notes
Hudson A  
Nicholas B  
Benjamin C  
Nico E  
Avery F  
Dylan G  
Gabe G  
Kyriakos K  
Cooper N  
Thomas O  
Benjamin W  
Elliott Z  

Team Contact Information
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Last Game
Playoff Win (9 - 3) vs Mariners View
Date: 6/13/2021 1:00p
Location: Chabot
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Away Notes:
Congrats to the DBacks who played as well this game as they had all season and earned the NOLL Majors TOC berth!

The Mariners got rattled and made a lot of little mistakes and it felt like the DBacks capitalized on each and every one of them. There were some bright spots - Clyde continues to crush the ball like it insulted his family; Chipper made a diving catch in CF; Rhino took over a team huddle to be a leader; Bullwinkle kept things from getting out of hand early with several clean blocks behind the dish; Big Dog is learning to be efficient and not just powerful on the mound - he threw 4 innings despite the squirelliness of his defense, and he would have gone longer if the score had been closer.

Mariners' Compass: Big Dog

Mariners record: 8-2-0
DBacks record against Mariners: 1-1-0

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