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Hip Wah Summer Program

Hip Wah is a 4-week summer program that offers children exposure to Chinese and Chinese American culture. The Hip Wah curriculum emphasizes hands-on activities. Children are grouped by grade levels, beginning in 1st grade running through 7th. Grades 1 through 5 attend classes in culture, Chinese choral music for (grades 1-3), Chinese instrumental music for (grades 4 and 5.) Brush Painting, Mandarin language and outdoor cultural activities. Grades 6 and 7 learn about Chinese American influence on U.S. society.

This year's Hip Wah program dates are June 25 - July 20, culminating with the music program on July 21st. There is no camp on July 4th. Camp location is at the Sheffield Avenue Campus of Redwood Day School.

Early registration for returning campers and campers entering first grade begins on Friday, February 15th. For returning campers, press continue and search for your camper's name in the drop down field to register early. Open registration begins Monday, February 19 at 6 AM.

When registering, you will be asked to fulfill a volunteer duty for each camper in the program. A list of the volunteer duties can be found under the "Get Involved" tab on the Hip Wah website. The lunch menu can be found under the "FAQ" tab on the Hip Wah website as well. When choosing the after care option, please choose a level above what you feel your total needs are. Any unused after care balance will be refunded to you at the end of the program.If your child would like to take supplemental Mandarin or Instrumental Music classes during Aftercare, these need to be registered for separately. After registering for camp, please return to this page and register for both Aftercare and the Supplemental subject.The Hip Wah website can be accessed by clicking on the "Hip Wah website" link on the right side of this page.

Open Camps
Camp Sport Camp Activity
2018 Aides Misc Games not yet scheduled
2018 HW3 Misc Games not yet scheduled
2018 HW2 Misc Games not yet scheduled
2018 Rats Misc Camp .
2018 Ox Misc Games not yet scheduled
2018 Tigers Misc Camp .
2018 Rabbits Misc Camp .
2018 Dragons Misc Camp .
Before and After Camp 2018 Misc Camp .
Supplemental Music Misc Camp .
Supplemental Mandarin 1 Misc Camp .
Suppplemental Mandarin 2 Misc Camp .