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This website provides schedules and information regarding the Pacific NorthWest Lacrosse League (PNWLL). The PNWLL is comprised of post-collegiate teams in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. More information about this league is available at

Information about the NWWLL (the WCLA collegiate league in the northwest) can be found at their website (

For playoffs, standings are calculated based on team records (exhibition games are not included). In the case of a tie, the following tiebreakers are used:
1. Head-to-head results
2. Forfeits (tiebreak goes to team with fewest forfeits)
3. Goals against (tiebreak goes to team with fewest goals against)
4. Goal differential (tiebreak goes to team with higher goal differential)
5. Goals for (tiebreak goes to team with most goals for)

Open Leagues
League Sport League Activity
PNWLL 2023 Lacrosse Last Game: Kings/North Sound 1 at Seattle Women's 13