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Glacier Peak (5-0-0)
Glacier Peak Roster
# Player School Year Notes
17 Aagaard, Torben GPHS FR  
30 Almstead, Jack GPHS JR  
42 Barker, Preston GPHS FR  
7 Bertolli, Thomas GPHS SO  
14 Blume, Austen GPHS SO  
21 Carroll, Aidan GPHS SO  
11 Cook, Cohen GPHS JR  
31 DePietto, Anthony GPHS FR  
26 Eckerlin, Caleb GPHS SO  
9 Foley, Max GPHS SR   (c)
24 Foster, Roman GPHS JR  
35 Foster, Solomon GPHS FR  
12 Hankins, Riley GPHS SO  
16 Hendricks, Alex GPHS SO  
41 Jensen, Kyler GPHS SO  
43 King, Ryan GPHS JR  
2 Kreider, Aidan GPHS FR  
40 Lambert, Austen GPHS FR  
45 Langabeer, Carter GPHS SO  
13 Maucalay, Connor GPHS SO  
29 McCallum, Caleb GPHS JR  
25 Moore, Aidan GPHS JR  
20 Proctor-Long, Brady GPHS FR  
33 Quartararo, Benjamin GPHS JR  
44 Radomski, Chase GPHS SR   (c)
19 Ready, Jack GPHS SR  
15 Russon, Gage GPHS SR   (c)
5 Salazar, Adan GPHS SR  
22 Skibiel, Caden GPHS SO  
39 Stanik, Joey GPHS JR  
32 Steele, Pierce GPHS SO  
1 Takher, Rehan GPHS FR  
28 Tong, Shouei GPHS JR  
55 Troxel, Adam GPHS JR  
18 Vitale, Gabe King's HS SO  
8 Vogtsberger, DJ GPHS JR  
81 Wheeler, Mason GPHS SO  
10 Wilkinson, Rider GPHS SR   (c)
23 Wynder, Adam GPHS SR  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released by WBLA

Last Game
Playoff Loss (8 - 9) vs Issaquah View
Date: 5/13/2022 7:30p
Location: Glacier Peak HS
No league summary available
Away Notes:
Issaquah 1-1-6-1- 9
Glacier Peak 2-2-1-3- 8

Issaquah sure has come to love the 1-goal thriller. This one had the purple and gold teetering on the brink.

Issaquah possessed for the first several minutes but couldn't find the target and eventually turned it over. The first time Glacier Peak touched the ball, the clear turned into a break and 1-0 lead. From there, the Grizzlies played a patient fundamental offense, taking advantage of breakdowns for easy step downs and a crease finish. Issaquah managed to squeeze in a couple but it was Glacier Peak in control by half.

Cale Gunter quickly made it his solo mission as he scored three straight unassisted to start the 3rd quarter, sparking Issaquah to a 6 goal quarter. However the last of the quarter came with controversy. A solid back door feed from KJ Lewis was quick sticked by TJ Victory. Peak's netminder dove across and appeared to make an incredible save but the officials ruled that the ball had crossed the plane. 8-5 Issaquah into the 4th.

Glacier rallied themselves cutting to 8-7 before Issaquah responded with a Hyde to Lewis goal that proved to be the game winner. Up two with under 3 to play and the ball, Issaquah seemed in control, but an ill advised pass resulted in Peak's ball and a timeout. They cut the lead to one again, but Issaquah won the face and called timeout with just over a minute left, again in control. Issaquah failed to ill much clock and Peak won back possession again, another timeout. Out of the timeout, Peak appeared to have cleared but went offside and it proved the dagger as Issaquah ran out the final time to advance to the Quarterfinals.

Issaquah record: 6-4-0
Glacier Peak record against Issaquah:

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