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Redmond (3-7-0)
Redmond Roster
# Player School Year Notes
13 Backman, Isaac Redmond High School Freshman  
10 Barrett, Niko Redmond High School Junior  
17 Biemeck , Isaiah Redmond High School Sophomore IR 
9 Bruener , Brayden Redmond High School Senior IR 
23 Bryant-Nichols , Samuel Redmond High School Freshman  
16 Buckingham, Chase Redmond High School Senior IR 
18 Deming , Nathan Online K12 Senior  
14 Dolgoff , Aaron Redmond High School Freshman  
20 Dries , Terrence Redmond High School Junior  
11 Edens , Dane Redmond High School Freshman IR 
19 Faezi, Aryan Redmond High School Senior  
12 Hajicek , Colten Redmond High School Senior  
21 Hitch , Jamison Redmond High School Freshman  
2 Hoare, Andrew Redmond High School Junior  
55 Lerch , Alexander Redmond High School Freshman IR 
15 Nelson , Caden Redmond High School Senior  
4 Phillipi, Preston Redmond High School Junior  
28 Portillo, Jonathan Redmond High School Senior  
1 Pulido , Vicente Redmond High School Junior  
3 Roper , William Redmond High School Senior  
5 Stavoe , Colby Redmond High School Sophomore  
6 Stavoe , Sam Redmond High School Senior  
38 Suetter, Derek Redmond High School Junior  
26 Townsend , Isaiah Redmond High School Senior  
22 Vante , Dylan Redmond High School Freshman  
22 Vante , Dylan Redmond High School Freshman  
25 Wrast , Matthew Redmond High School Junior  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released by WBLA

Last Game
Playoff Loss (4 - 12) at Issaquah View
Date: 5/20/2022 8:00p
Location: Issaquah HS
No league summary available
Home Notes:
Redmond 1-2-0-1- 4
Issaquah 4-3-4-1- 12

First home playoff game since 2016 and Issaquah came out ready to prove better than the match-up two weeks ago, dominating majority of the first quarter. A nearly flawless first 6 minutes saw Issaquah go up 4-0 and Redmond hadn't even possessed the ball. The action was highlighted by cheeky behind the back assist from TJ Victory and Michael Hansen's first goal of the season from his SSDM role. A penalty near end of quarter gave Redmond an opportunity and they broke the ice.

Mustangs carried momentum to the 2nd and Adam Roper did his thing. But TJ Victory got one right back on a feed from Cale Gunter directly from the face. However, Roper struck again and Redmond seemed to have settled in, closing to 5-3. Then with under 2 minutes in the half, Issaquah got the benefit of an unfortunate mishandle from the Redmond netminder as he seemed to have intercepted a pass, but fumbled it into his own net. Issaquah followed with one from Gunter to push to 7-3. Despite the 4 goal cushion, Redmond seemed to be in the game and man up to start the 2nd half.

Things went from bad to worse for Issaquah as despite killing Redmond's man-up, Issaquah took a 2-minute non-releasable. But Issaquah got the stop and clear it needed and proceeded to kill over a minute of time to completely swing momentum. From there Issaquah took control and pulled away with four straight. Victory started the run, KJ Lewis stung bottom corner, Spencer Blumenthal finished on the crease from Hansen and Victory capped the run with another highlight goal.

Teams traded goals early in the 4th before 10 minutes of stops from the Issaquah defense and long possessions on the other end to burn the clock.

Issaquah returns to the 4A Semifinals for the first time since 2017.

Issaquah record: 6-4-0
Redmond record against Issaquah: 0-1-0

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