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Crawfords (8-3-1)
Crawfords Roster
# Player Notes
Avshalom B  
Micah B  
Cameron B  
Bryce H  
Auguste (Gus) H  
Bayla J  
Jonathan K  
Grace L  
Athan N  
Justin P  
Jordan R  
Oren R  
Joseph S  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Highlights from Rockhounds game
Last Updated: 3/29/2010
It was a tough loss to the Rockhounds, but the Crawfords are really starting to swing those bats. Oren and Athan hit screaming line drives. Athan's went for an "inside the park" grand slam. Bayla made a nice catch at first base and Athan and Grace forced a Rockhounds runner at second base on a ball hit to the outfield. There was some heads-up baserunning by several Crawfords.

Last Game
Playoff Win (19 - 9) vs Cats View
Date: 6/13/2010 9:00a
Location: Montera MS
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Cats record: 7-5-0
Crawfords record against Cats: 1-0-0

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