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Date Time   Teams   Location
Tue 7/18/2017 7:00p   (Pla) C5-Vikings (Black) 3 at C4-Admirals (Green) 1 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) A5-KN Crowder (Yellow) 1 at A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 7 Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A3-Stars (White) 3 at A4-Bruins (Black) 6 Mountainside Arena
7:00p   (Pla) D4-Longshots (Silver) 2 at D1-Cherry Pickers (Navy Blue) 4 Skyway Arena
8:00p   (Pla) D3-Scorpions (Blue) 3 at D2-F.O.B. 1 Skyway Arena
9:00p   (Pla) B6-Hat Trick Swayzes 0 at B5-Decepticons (Royal Blue / White) 3 Skyway Arena
Thu 7/20/2017 7:00p   (Pla) B5-Decepticons (Royal Blue / White) 4 at B6-Hat Trick Swayzes 1 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) C4-Admirals (Green) 1 at C5-Vikings (Black) 3 Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A5-KN Crowder (Yellow) 3 at A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 6 Mountainside Arena
10:00p   (Pla) A4-Bruins (Black) 4 at A3-Stars (White) 5
Skyway Arena
Tue 7/25/2017 7:00p   (Pla) C2-Blades of Steel (Purple) 1 at C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 2 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) B2-Spartans (Green) 5 at B3-Blues (Yellow) 6
Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A3-Stars (White) 8 at A4-Bruins (Black) 3 Mountainside Arena
7:00p   (Pla) B1-Healthy Scratches (Blue) 3 at B5-Decepticons (Royal Blue / White) 2 Skyway Arena
8:00p   (Pla) D2-F.O.B. 2 at D3-Scorpions (Blue) 3
Skyway Arena
9:00p   (Pla) D1-Cherry Pickers (Navy Blue) 8 at D4-Longshots (Silver) 1 Skyway Arena
Thu 7/27/2017 7:00p   (Pla) W4-Dolls With Balls (Black) 0 at W6-Renegades (Purple) 1 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) W2-Ballers (Purple) 5 at W3-Halton United (Grey) 0 Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) W1-Bling (Teal) 5 at W5-L'Eagles (White) 0 Mountainside Arena
7:00p   (Pla) C1-Hooligans (Orange) 3 at C5-Vikings (Black) 2 Skyway Arena
8:00p   (Pla) A2-Savages (Red) 3 at A3-Stars (White) 2
Skyway Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 3 at A6-Lightning (White/Blue) 1 Skyway Arena
Tue 8/1/2017 7:00p   (Pla) D1-Cherry Pickers (Navy Blue) 3 at D3-Scorpions (Blue) 6 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) C1-Hooligans (Orange) 1 at C5-Vikings (Black) 0 Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) B2-Spartans (Green) 2 at B3-Blues (Yellow) 6 Mountainside Arena
7:00p   (Pla) C2-Blades of Steel (Purple) 3 at C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 2
Skyway Arena
8:00p   (Pla) B1-Healthy Scratches (Blue) 2 at B5-Decepticons (Royal Blue / White) 0 Skyway Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A3-Stars (White) 7 at A2-Savages (Red) 3 Skyway Arena
Thu 8/3/2017 7:00p   (Pla) A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 5 at A6-Lightning (White/Blue) 1 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 3 at C2-Blades of Steel (Purple) 2
Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A2-Savages (Red) 3 at A3-Stars (White) 2
Mountainside Arena
7:00p   (Pla) W4-Dolls With Balls (Black) 1 at W6-Renegades (Purple) 2
Skyway Arena
8:00p   (Pla) W1-Bling (Teal) 1 at W2-Ballers (Purple) 0 Skyway Arena
Tue 8/8/2017 7:00p   (Pla) B1-Healthy Scratches (Blue) 3 at B3-Blues (Yellow) 4
Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) D1-Cherry Pickers (Navy Blue) 6 at D3-Scorpions (Blue) 0 Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) C1-Hooligans (Orange) 6 at C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 4 Mountainside Arena
Thu 8/10/2017 7:00p   (Pla) A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 3 at A2-Savages (Red) 0 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) W1-Bling (Teal) 4 at W2-Ballers (Purple) 1 Mountainside Arena
Tue 8/15/2017 7:00p   (Pla) C1-Hooligans (Orange) 2 at C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 4 Mountainside Arena
8:00p   (Pla) B1-Healthy Scratches (Blue) 1 at B3-Blues (Yellow) 0
Mountainside Arena
9:00p   (Pla) A1-G.C.B. (Silver) 4 at A2-Savages (Red) 3 Mountainside Arena
10:00p   (Pla) D1-Cherry Pickers (Navy Blue) 2 at D3-Scorpions (Blue) 1 Mountainside Arena
Tue 8/22/2017 8:00p   (Pla) B1-Healthy Scratches (Blue) 4 at B3-Blues (Yellow) 2 Skyway Arena
9:00p   (Pla) C1-Hooligans (Orange) 5 at C3-Hamilton Stars (White) 1 Skyway Arena