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Welcome to HNLA's online registration for baseball. The use of this new registration process will reduce the amount of time needed for data entry. Our hope is that it will also provide a more convenient means of registering players in the Northern League community.

Registration fee $70 please remember that registration is not complete until the on-line registration process is complete and full payment has been made. If payment is not made when registering online, the child will not be registered and no place will be held for that child. Late fees are applicable to any registration that has not been completed by the specified date and players registering late will be place on a waiting list.

League Age 4yrs-12yrs old as of May 1st Registration starts Feb 18 until March 10. On-Line Registration ONLY!

Continue to track all teams and get important information sure as:
Head to Head match-ups
Location of Games etc....

To acquire this information just select your team from the menu.

"Go Dawgs"

Open Teams
Team Sport Team Activity
Northern Majors (11-12yrs) Baseball Games not yet scheduled
Northern Minors (9-10yrs) Baseball Games not yet scheduled
Northern Coach Pitch (7-8yrs) Baseball Games not yet scheduled
Northern T-Ball (4-6yrs) Baseball Games not yet scheduled