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Stat Abbreviations
Abbr Explanation
GP Games Played
The number of games played by a player

G Goals
A goal is scored when the player puts the puck in the opposing team's net

A Assists
Up to two players who pass the puck prior to a goal being scored are credited with an assist

Pts Points
A player gets one point for each goal scored and one point for each assist. Add them together and you have the total number of points. This is considered the primary offensive statistic

PtsPG Points per Game
The number of points scored divided by the number of games played

Pen Penalties
This is the number of penalties called against a player

PIM Penalties In Minutes
Penalties are measured in minutes. The more severe the infraction, the longer a player is penalized. This is the total of the minutes penalized

Hat Hat Tricks
A hat trick is 3 goals

PMkr Playmakers
A playmaker is 3 assists

Susp Suspensions
The number of times this player has been suspended