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 1/11/2007 6:21:00 PM
Burlington Ball Hockey League

First League Meeting Thurs. Jan 18, 2007

It’s that time of the year already.
Please respond to the email regardless if
your team is returning or not.  Our
preferred method of communication is email
so if you can let us know either way it is
greatly appreciated.  This will also keep us
from making a follow up phone call as well.
If you plan on returning but cannot attend
the meeting please let us know.  Our email
address is .

The BBHL's first meeting of the year is
scheduled for Thursday January 18, 2007 at
7:00PM in the basement meeting room at Great
Lakes’ Grille located at 5353 Lakeshore Rd,
Unit #4.  Meeting dates will also be posted
on the Message Board and the Registration
page at our web site

The agenda for the meeting will consist of;

• League Fees and collection of  team
deposits which are now due
• Payment schedule
• Floor Time and Facilities Update 
• BBHL & HMBHL Employment opportunities
• Team Updates
• Rules and Regulations Updates
• BBHL Special Events
• North American Ball Hockey Championships
• OBHA Provincial Championships
• Last year season review
• Open discussion

We look forward to hearing from you and
will see you next week.  Your response is
greatly appreciated.


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