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TEBA Rules and Procedures - 2023
If a head coach, assistant coach, player, or fan is ejected during a TEBA game, the head coach of the offending team must report the ejection to their Association TEBA Representative within 24-hours.

The Association TEBA Representative then reports the ejection to TEBA Director within 24-hours.

Ejections are subject to an automatic suspension of the offender for the next TEBA event (2 games). The next TEBA event does not include the event for which the offender was ejected.
Appeals to the automatic suspension can be filed by email through your Association TEBA Representative. Appeals are reviewed by the TEBA Ejection Review Board (TEBA Director, Association TEBA Representative, TEBA Grievance Representative and Umpire in Charge for the game in question). The TEBA Ejection Review Board will make the final call on upholding or rescinding the suspension.
If further disciplinary action is warranted, all association TEBA reps will be given detail of the ejection and asked for their vote on specific disciplinary actions.

Unreported ejections will result in a minimum one-game suspension for the head coach of the offending team.

In the event of field closure due to inclement weather, the HOME team coach will contact the AWAY team coach - by phone call or text - as soon as field closure is announced. All coach contact information is available on Sportability.

HOME team notifies their association TEBA rep who updates Sportability to reflect the game(s) as a ‘rainout’.

Following their association procedure, HOME team coach provides AWAY team coach with possible reschedule dates. When mutually agreed upon date is determined, HOME team coach sends details (date, time, field) to HOME association TEBA rep.

The HOME association TEBA Rep sends reschedule information to TEBA Director who will update Sportability. Information sent must include rained out game date, time and field as well as agreed upon reschedule date, time and field.

File a formal grievance by sending an email to

Information needed: your name, email address, and phone number along with:
Date, time and location of incident

Type of feedback: Player Ejection, Coach Ejection, Fan Ejection, Verbal Abuse, Umpire issue, or Other (please explain)

Your role: Head / Assistant coach, Umpire, Fan, Player, or Other (please explain).

Incident Details

Local Association Ground Rules Apply first
USSSA Rules are foundational, with exceptions below:
.....5 Runs per inning for 14U and below*
.....7 Runs per inning for 15U and up*
.....No Slashing for 12U and below
.....Teams must bat entire roster for 12U and below
.....No penalty or out is applied if a player is removed from game due to injury or illness
.....Free Substitution when batting entire roster for 13U and up

* If a ball is put in play and the fifth/seventh run is scored, time shall not be called by a coach or umpire. Play out the live ball until all base runners are no longer advancing to the next base. Five/Seven run max still applies

USSSA Base distances

USSSA Bat Rules 1.15bpf apply

Coach Pitch at bats
Batter shall receive 6 pitches or three strikes. A foul ball (not caught) on the sixth pitch shall not be counted as a swing. The batter will continue to bat on a sixth pitch foul ball until the ball is put in play or the batter swings and misses. The batter is declared out on a foul tip caught by the catcher.

Run Rules
15 after 4 innings
10 after 5 innings
Coaches discretion on mathematical elimination

Teams must carry copies of rosters & proof of insurance.
Winning head coach posts scores to Sportability by within 24 hours

Time Limits
8U 1:15 Time Limit
9U 1:30 Time Limit
10U 1:30 Time Limit
11U 1:30 Time Limit
12U 1:30 Time Limit
13U 1:45 Time Limit
14U 1:45 Time Limit
15U+ 1:45 Time Limit

Guest Players
If a guest player is needed, coaches shall make every effort to get a player from the same classification or below.

Players from the same age level or below can guest play in TEBA games.