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Date Time   Teams   Location Official(s)
Sat 3/18/2023 10:00a   Monarchs at Sea Lions To Be Determined Bushrod 2 Diran Hendrickson-Sperry, Alex Ekman, Required Game Coordinator
10:00a   Below A's 12 at Rafanan A's 12 Chabot Patrick Hougan, Calder Bayless, Required Game Coordinator
1:00p   Pelicans 8 at Fuji Athletic Club 5 Bushrod 2 Patrick Hougan
1:00p   Larks 6 at Oaks 7 Chabot Alex Ekman, Diran Hendrickson-Sperry, Required Game Coordinator
4:00p   Grays 3 at Padres 14 Chabot Diran Hendrickson-Sperry, Charlie Sellman, Required Game Coordinator
Sun 3/19/2023 10:00a   Fuji Athletic Club at Below A's Rescheduled for Apr 30 2023 10:00AM Bushrod 2
10:00a   Sea Lions at Pelicans (Rainout) Rainout Chabot Avi Sabadosh, Miles Cope, Required Game Coordinator
1:00p   Monarchs at Grays To Be Determined Chabot Felix Chediak
1:00p   Padres at Larks (Rainout) Rainout GoldenGateAcad (No Sat games) Raymond Graham, Mark Phillips
4:00p   Rafanan A's at Oaks To Be Determined Chabot Travis Wyer, Tobias Wyer
Sat 3/25/2023 10:00a   Oaks 11 at Fuji Athletic Club 0 Bushrod 2 Eli Hauser, Charlie Holler, Required Game Coordinator
10:00a   Grays 13 at Pelicans 2 Chabot Raymond Graham, Calder Bayless
1:00p   Larks 8 at Rafanan A's 11 Bushrod 2 Skip Lehman
1:00p   Below A's 17 at Sea Lions 12 Chabot , Calder Bayless
4:00p   Padres 10 at Monarchs 20 Chabot Angela Noury, Henry Smith
Today is March 26, 2023
Sun 3/26/2023 10:00a   Sea Lions at Larks Chabot Alistair McEvilly, Koa Santi
10:00a   Oaks at Monarchs GoldenGateAcad (No Sat games) Raymond Graham, Tobias Wyer
1:00p   Fuji Athletic Club at Grays Chabot Alistair McEvilly, Koa Santi
1:00p   Rafanan A's at Padres GoldenGateAcad (No Sat games) Eli Hauser, Tobias Wyer, Required Game Coordinator
4:00p   Pelicans at Below A's Chabot Angela Noury, Koa Santi
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