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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
vs Bantam Canadiens
vs Bantam Flames
vs Bantam Golden Knights
vs Bantam Nordiques
vs Bantam Select
vs Foxes
vs Girls Select
vs M 1 Ice Slayers
vs M 1 Raptors
vs M 1 Red Wolves
vs M 1 Tornadoes
vs Mite 2 Lightning
vs Mite 2 Oilers
vs Mite 2 Penguins
vs Mite 2 Sharks
vs Mite 3 Hurricanes
vs Mite 3 North Stars
vs Mite 3 Petes
vs Mite 3 Team USA
vs Mite 4 Blue Jackets
vs Mite 4 Golden Knights
vs Mite 4 Rangers
vs Mite 4 Stars
vs Mite 5 Canadiens
vs Mite 5 Ducks
vs Mite 5 Kings
vs Mite 5 Sabres
vs Pee Wee BlackHawks
vs Pee Wee Blue Jackets
vs Pee Wee Lightning
vs Pee Wee North Stars
vs Pee Wee Oilers
vs Pee Wee Penguins
vs Pee Wee Select
vs SHAHA Sullivan
vs SHAHA Thompson
vs Squirt Select 1
vs Squirt Select 2
vs Squirt Tr 1 Canucks
vs Squirt Tr 1 Golden Knights
vs Squirt Tr 1 North Stars
vs Squirt Tr 1 Rangers
vs Squirt Tr 1 Red Wings
vs Squirt Tr 2 BlackHawks
vs Squirt Tr 2 Penguins
vs Squirt Tr 2 Petes
vs Squirt Tr 2 Sabres
vs TBA

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Note: Teams are displayed in alphabetical order.