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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
Men's B (T3)
vs BCD10-Haze (Red/White)
vs BCD12-Spartans (Green)
vs BCD3-Decepticons (Blue/White)
vs BCD9-K.N. Crowder (Yellow)
Men's C (T4)
vs BCD2-Blades Of Steel (Purple)
vs BCD5-Stars (White)
vs BCD6-Hat Trick Swayzes (Maroon)
vs BCD7-Hooligans (Orange)
Men's D (T5)
vs BCD1-Admirals (Green)
vs BCD11-Scorpions (Blue)
vs BCD4-F.O.B. (Black)
vs BCD8-Longshots (Silver)
Women's A
vs W1-Bling (Teal)
vs W2-Halton United (Grey)
vs W3-Ballers (Purple)
Women's B
vs W4-Renegades (Burgandy)
vs W5-Dolls With Balls (Sky Blue)
vs W6-L'Eagles (White)

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