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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
vs 4th and Long (Colver)-Blue
vs Beat Murphy (Keirsey)
vs Cassie Furler (Champions)
vs Stu Murphy
vs Bear Down (Turner) Blue
vs Blackout (Cooper)-Black
vs Crimson Rain (White and Red)
vs Da Bears (Furler)-Chicago Bears Color
vs Game Sharks (Dittmeir) Burnt Orange
vs John Sutton-Yellow
vs Orange Crush (Lower Int. Champs) -Watters
vs Pull This (Champions)-Cantu
vs Shenanigan's (Pate)-Green
vs The Heat (Mayfield)-Red
vs The Squad!!! (Keirsey)
vs Benchwarmers-Green
vs Dallas Blitz (Fulks)
vs Divine Intervention-Pink
vs Drew Greaves
vs Free Agents (Stumondo)
vs Gladiators (Noack)-Red
vs MeatBall (Curlee)-Brown
vs Misguided (Graff)
vs Tigers (Champions)-Thrasher

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