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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
vs 4th and Long (Blue)
vs Furler (Green)
vs Game Time (Champions)
vs Murphy (open)
vs Sutton Comp (Yellow)
vs All American Rejects (Turner)
vs Ashley Int.(Red)
vs Blackout (Black)
vs Cantu (Grey)
vs Cash Money Billionaires (Champions)
vs Game Sharks (Dittmeir)
vs Shanta' (Blue)
vs Sutton Int. (Yellow)
vs Watters (Orange)
vs Angry Anteaters (Dyer)
vs Big Red (Grey)
vs Divine Intervention (Champions)
vs Free Birds (Brown)
vs Gladiators (Noack)
vs Glazies (Verrett)
vs Graham (open)
vs Harris
vs Romans (Smith)
vs Tigers (open)

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