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Game Summary
Result Larks (Lugo) 8 at Monarchs (McAlear) 10
Team Pages
Scheduled 5/24/2023 5:00p Larks (Lugo)
Location GoldenGateAcad (No Sat games) Monarchs (McAlear)
Game Type Playoff
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Jesse Antin
Base Ump 1: Niko Belur
Game Summary Please see Team Summaries, below
Team Summaries Monarchs (McAlear) Notes:
What a fabulous end to a spectacular season! The Larks and Monarchs played their hearts out. There were great baseball plays from both teams and it came right down to the wire. Congratulations to the AA Champion Monarchs and to the Larks on a tremendous season.

Larks (Lugo) Notes:
No notes

Pitcher Stats
Monarchs (McAlear) Pitchers GPPPIIPPC
Kavan K 1 19.82 3.33 66
Sebastian M 1 60.61 0.33 20
Madison W 1 30.12 1.66 50
Theo W 1 40.91 0.66 27
Monarchs (McAlear) Totals:  4 5.98 163