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Game Summary
Result Twins 8 at Mariners 8
Team Pages
Scheduled 6/10/2021 6:30p Twins
Location Chabot Mariners
Game Type Playoff
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Bill Karpowicz
Game Summary Thanks, BillK for stepping up and working this game as a crew of one!

The league will determine if the game is a tie or is suspended and needs to be completed.
Team Summaries Mariners Notes:
Weird game. Clyde was dominant but ran a high pitch count and gave way in the third inning of a 1-0 game. The M's had some weird plays go against them and threw the ball around a little too much and heading to the bottom of the 4th, they were down 7-0. But they battled and took advantage when the mistakes and lucky bounces went the other way. The M's posted 5 in the bottom of the 4th (big hits an RBI triple by Bullwinkle and a 2RBI single by Rhino). They added 3 more to take the lead in the 5th highlighted by a double down the RF line by Rocky. The Twins scored one in the top of the 6th and, fittingly, the game was called due to darkness with the score knotted at 8.

M's Pitching notes:
WillE tripped 50 on his final batter and is eligible for Sun 6/13.
RyanS tripped 35 on his final batter and is eligible for Sat 6/12.

Mariners' Compass: Chipper

Twins Notes:
Suspended due to end of daylight.

Pitcher Stats
Mariners Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Anand C 1 1.33 24 18.05
Isaiah D 1 1.00 31 31.00
Will E 1 2.33 52 22.32
Ryan S 1 1.33 36 27.07
Mariners Totals:  4 5.99 143
Twins Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Henry O 1 3.00 44 14.67
Mitchell P 1 1.33 20 15.04
Reid S 1 1.66 48 28.92
Twins Totals:  3 5.99 112