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Game Summary
Result Bandits 12 at Railriders 6
Team Pages
Scheduled 5/15/2021 10:00a Bandits
Location Back Caldecott Railriders
ReScheduled 5/15/2021 10:00a
ReSched Location Robert Mason Field #2
Game Type Normal
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Olivia Richardson Feldman
Base Ump 1: Harrison Novack
Game Summary Please see Team Summaries, below
Team Summaries Railriders Notes:
Leo Cazier threw 22 pitches - first pitch to his last batter was pitch #19.
Xavier Lytle threw 21 pitches - first pitch to his last batter was pitch #18.

Olivia Richardson-Feldman did a good job umpiring behind the plate. Generally a good and consistent zone, except for two pitches called strikes that were over the batter's head. She handled situations well, though she does need some work in being able to describe and enforce out of play lines, and reminding batters to stay in their own team's on-deck circle while an opposing pitcher is warming up.

Harrison Novack struggled umpiring the bases today. He was fine on the obvious calls, but most of his calls were way too fast - making his call before a play had completed and he could see whether or not a fielder had caught a ball. There was also an ugly incident that he handled poorly. My #7 hit a ball which the first baseman tried to catch but he dropped, and #7 got on base. #7 later tried to advance after a pitch had been thrown. Rather than making a call at second base, Harrison called time without making a call. The two umpires got together and eventually decided the runner was out. I requested time and went out and asked Harrison what he saw that made him call the out. Harrison said the runner should not have been on base at all because the first baseman caught the ball, and he was calling time to call attention to that to the plate umpire. Eventually we got together with both umpires and decided that the runner at first was legitimate but that the out at second would stand. So Harrison allowed a play to happen and an out call be registered while he was trying to call time. That will need to be addressed with training.

Bandits Notes:
No notes

Pitcher Stats
Bandits Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Mason B 1 1.00 37 37.00
Vinny B 1 1.00 13 13.00
Jesse D 1 1.00 16 16.00
Ethan H 1 1.00 33 33.00
Henry S 1 1.00 12 12.00
Bandits Totals:  5 5 111
Railriders Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Marco A 1 1.00 39 39.00
Leo C 1 1.00 22 22.00
Kai F 1 1.00 14 14.00
Xavier L 1 0.66 21 31.82
Gunner M 1 0.33 4 12.12
Peter M 1 1.00 22 22.00
Railriders Totals:  6 4.99 122