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Game Summary
Result Cats 9 at Eagles 13
Team Pages
Scheduled 3/2/2013 9:00a Cats
Location Back Caldecott Eagles
Game Type Normal
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Matt Carrere
Base Ump 1: Jeff Stephens
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Team Summaries Eagles Notes:
Like two heavyweight fighters battling round after round, the Cats and Eagles slugged it out. Each team scored four runs in the first inning. The Cats got two more in the 2nd and the Eagles answered with four in the bottom of the frame. The Cats got one back in the top of the third but the Eagles answered with five in the bottom of the inning. The Cats got two more in the top of the fourth but the Eagles ended it with a bang bang out at third base on a steal attempt to end the scoring on the day. Excellent umpiring by Matt and Jeff and a great game by both teams!

Cats Notes:
No notes

Pitcher Stats
Cats Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Blaine F 1 1.00 27 27.00
Emil J 1 1.33 41 30.83
Zachary K 1 1.66 84 50.60
Cats Totals:  3 3.99 152
Eagles Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Justin C 1 1.00 18 18.00
Cy C 1 1.00 35 35.00
Andrew H 1 1.00 22 22.00
Benjamin T 1 1.00 22 22.00
Eagles Totals:  4 4 97