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Frequently Asked Questions
Question Answer
Can I bookmark these pages? Sure, any page here is bookmarkable! Ctrl-D creates the bookmark for you.
What's on the Main League page? Here you get a list of the recent notices (last 10 days) and the recent game schedule (from 10 days ago until 10 days from now). Your league administrator sets the 10 day period.
In the game schedule, some teams are in green! Why? The green teams won or tied their games. Congratulations! The games with no green haven't been played yet, or the results haven't been entered.
In the game schedule, certain games are marked with red or green triangles! What does that mean? The red triangles indicate a postponed game and the green triangles indicate a makeup game. Hover your mouse over the icon and you will see a note about the rescheduling. If a game has been rescheduled it will appear twice in the schedule, but only once in the standings!
The Schedule is too confusing! How can I see just my team's games? On the schedule page, at the top is a pull-down box. Just choose your team, and the page will filter out all the games you aren't involved in.
Standings is pretty straightforward, but what's +/- ? No problem! This is (Points For) - (Points Against). Not real useful, but interesting!
What's Head to Head? Okay, this is a list of each team in your league and how they've done against one another. Click on a team in the left list, and the center list will show the cumulative records against each of the other teams. The right list shows the +/- (see above) against each of the other teams.
Notices? Seriously, you shouldn't have any problems here, okay?
What's up with the Location list? This is so you know where to be, and (if it's filled in properly) how to get there.
I'm in the Message Board, how can I post a link? It's easy! If you want to, include your email or your www link in the appropriate box. When posting a www link, don't include "http://", we'll do that for you.
What's with the message board times? Unfortunately, we don't know where you are, so we put message board times in Pacific Time. Hopefully it's close enough...
Hey, the Message Board is cool, but what are the rules? The Message Board is monitored by your league and by Sportability; we reserve the right to remove messages for any reason. If we remove too many messages, we will ban you from further posting.
How come there's a cookie? We use ASP pages. For more info, click 'Help' in the header