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2006 Coach Evaluations
The following contact info questions are optional
We would appreciate your providing an honest evaluation of your son's or daughter's coach as part of our efforts to provide the best program possible. Thank you.
Q1. Coaches Name
Q2. Which League did you participate in?
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Agree Strongly
Q3. My child learned how to play the sport better
Q4. My child had fun
Q5. My child learned to cooperate with teammates
Q6. My child learned to compete appropriately
Q7. My child developed leadership skills
Q8. My child learned sportsmanship
Q9. My child improved physical fitness
Q10. Should this coach be encouraged to continue coaching
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Agree Strongly
Q11. The coach treated my child fairly
Q12. The coach kept winning in perspective
Q13. The coach took appropriate safety precautions
Q14. The coach organized practices well
Q15. The coach communicated well with parents
Q16. The coach encouraged and recognized my child
Q17. The coach helped my child's self esteem
Q18. Please give any further feedback about this coach or the program