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Welcome to the Park Crossing Swim Team online

Once you have registered your child you will receive a confirmation email with a LINK allowing you to sign up for your 6 (per household) volunteer opportunities in order for your child/children to be eligible to swim for PCST. Please note, if you have only Shrimp swimmers (6 & Under) you are only required to sign up for 4 volunteer slots (per household).

There are also some forms you will be asked to read and agree to, including general info, PRACTICE & MEET schedules, medical waiver, etc. Please print the information out to keep for your reference.

If you have more than one child, complete the first child's registration ($120), your discount will be automatic for siblings ($10 off for each additional child). Registration fee includes a t-shirt and cap for each swimmer. Remember you have to sign up for 6 volunteer shifts for your family (4 for only Shrimp / 6&U families) to be included on the roster. If you can not make a shift you are responsible for finding your own replacement and making one of the Volunteer Coordinators, Carolyn Lux or Lucie Freese, aware of the change.

According to the S.P.S.L. rules, to be eligible, swimmers must be 18 years old or younger on May 31, 2024. An exception is permitted for swimmers who are 19 years old on May 31, 2024, if the swimmer is a high school student.

***(The system will send you a confirmation email. If you do not get the email, you are not registered.)****

Thank you, Park Crossing Swim Team

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