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WPPA Philosophy
We consider our youth baseball program an instructional league. The goal of our program is to teach baseball fundamentals to the kids in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Each age grouping has variations in the rules designed to match the skill level of the participants. This allows the child to experience success while developing the skills needed to compete at the next level.

Regardless of the age level, all coaches are required to hold regular practices. Practice is important to develop the skills the child will need to succeed in game situations. No coach should put kids in situations in which they will fail because they are not prepared.

We do not believe that our goals as an instructional league are inconsistent with the spirit of competition. In our program, we keep score, publish standings, and have playoffs (we do not have playoffs in the Rookie League). We believe that these are important measures of success and improvement. Teamwork and sportsmanship are an integral part of all good competition. These values are what we hope the kids will take with them as participants in the program. We expect our coaches to set the example and to be role models in this regard.

Our more experienced coaches evaluate the players, and a draft is conducted in each division. The goal of the draft is to evenly distribute the talent and create competitive teams so that the season is enjoyable for all of the kids. Hopefully, this makes the season more enjoyable for the coaches too, as we try to avoid situations where a few coaches have a "stacked " team.

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